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Help Children Finally Be Rid of Head Lice

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Lice Removal by Magic Hands began with a mission of helping other moms go through the panic and struggle of head lice just a little bit easier. Today our mission holds true even more so. We understand needing a head lice treatment, or 2 or 3, is not something we plan and budget for.

When it happens and financial hardships prevent families from receiving the treatment they need for themselves and their children, it always breaks my heart. During Covid, we saw that need increase tenfold. That is when I had the idea and hope that we could create a donation platform where others who may be more fortunate may donate to a fund that would be created to offer free or reduced-cost treatments to families otherwise unable to afford it. 

Our plan for the future of Lice Removal By Magic Hands is to apply for, and hopefully obtain, some grants from our community. But also to raise money from anyone who would like to help children finally be rid of head lice they may have been struggling with for months and sadly, sometimes years.

Every dollar helps! No donation is too small.

Here is an idea of what your donation dollars can provide to a family in need: 

  • $5 - Helps add to the general donation fund. 
  • $22 - WIll purchase a lice comb.
  • $60 - Will purchase a lice comb and Treatment Spray for safe, non-toxic home treatment. 
  • $125-$200 - Will provide a full service in salon Lice Treatment. 

We are always trying to do our part to help our community and especially the children! We try to keep our costs down and offer the most affordable treatments and products to our clients.