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The Magic Hands Story

My name is Suzin Lintner. I am the owner of Lice Removal By Magic Hands. The vision for this business started back when my son was 1 year old. I received that dreaded call from his daycare saying I had to come pick him up because he had lice. The panic set in, since I had no prior experience with lice, I didn’t know what to do next.

His daycare told me he couldn’t come back until he had a clearance note from a doctor. At this point I had no idea lice removal salons even existed. I began calling hair salons, of course to be very quickly turned down. Friends told me to just shave his head, which with the beautiful long hair my son had, I would never consider, nor should any other parent.

Finally, I was referred to a lice removal salon. I immediately made an appointment and had my son and myself treated. Next, I had to book an appointment with his pediatrician. So 2 days later at his Doctor appointment, the Doctor wrote the clearance note.

Relieved and thinking the nightmare was finally over, I took him back to daycare the next morning and finally was able to settle back into work. Only to receive the call again, informing me he still has lice and needs to be picked up once again. At that point I was just beside myself and couldn’t help but feel there had to be a better way.

That’s when the entrepreneurial light kicked on and I could not turn it off.  During this time I had 2 other retail stores and as I began sharing with my friends and family that I needed to start a lice removal salon to help other moms not struggle like I did… obviously everyone thought it was a crazy idea.

But, anyone that knows me, knows once I get an idea in my head, I don’t let go. So somehow I talked one of my best friends, Bailey, into being my business partner. I simply said, hey wanna go to Florida with me?

After she said sure, I told her we were headed to Lice School. After the initial shock, I was able to convince her we needed to do this and we launched full steam ahead. 

After becoming certified lice technicians, we put so much hard work and dedication into growing this business from the ground up. We are very proud of the successful name we have made for ourselves in this industry. We have helped so many moms and families, which has been the goal and focus since day one. 

Unfortunately as Covid took over, Bailey decided to move back to her home state of Arkansas. After struggling through the toughest parts of Covid, Lice Removal by Magic Hands is again flourishing and growing.

I have my lead tech and office manager, Sherry, who runs the show. She is incredible and so fantastic with children. She will teach you more about lice during your visit, then you ever wanted to know.  I couldn’t do this without her. 

We are expanding our web operations to be able to get our lice products to families across the nation. We will continue to be here for you and your family for years to come! 

Don’t Panic, we’ve got you!